Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End-of-year Dinner

One of the initiatives that I introduced as I took over the post of the Head of Lab was to introduce a voluntary monthly contribution to a fund which would be used for a dinner at the end of the year. Out of thirteen people, ten people contributed. 

On Saturday, we had our end-of-year dinner at the Poolside of the Royal Brunei Recreation Club. Unfortunately, one of us could not attend as he was on the duty team and was called in to do some work.

The barbeque dinner at the restaurant takes place only twice a month, i.e. the first and last Saturdays of the month. I had expected it to be busy, but alas, we occupied 2 tables, out of seven prepared. Another table was occupied by a family and another by a couple. At one point, when the chefs came out from the kitchen, I felt that the number of restaurant staff almost equal the number of diners that evening. The range of food was not as extensive as I expected and I would rate the food to be just above average. The soup was salty, despite being sent back to the kitchen to be 'modified'. Barbequed items consisted of lamb, beef, seafood and chicken. There were some main dish items, such as fried rice and vegetables, but I did not touch any of them. Desserts were forgettable.

There was a live band playing that evening, though I preferred our two most junior colleague serenading us!

We also played secret santa, we all brought unmarked gift, to be exchanged with the others. In the end, I got this set from an 'anonymous' person....

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