Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Final Day

Tomorrow is the final day of the Brunei LNG and Brunei Refinery Inter-function Badminton Tournament 2010. In the last two matches, I partnered Jester and we won both our games. Our team won both our matches and we are going into the final day as favourite. There is a 15-point gap between us and our nearest rival. Bar anything drastically wrong, we need just a draw to retain the Championship which we won last year and I could not ask for more for my birthday!

Tomorrow matches in full:

EC A Portugal vs Combo A Italy
Refinery A Spain vs TM/OM A Argentina
EC B England vs Refinery B Germany
Combo B Brazil vs TM/OM B Netherlands

All games should start at 5.00 pm at Liang Lumut Recreation Club.