Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The X-Factor: Danyl Johnson

The British version of American Idol, The X Factor, has just started a new season recently. A new format has been introduced, where auditionees have to sing in front of an arena audience, in addition to the four judges.

One of the more memorable acts in the first episode was a teacher, who went by the name of Danyl Johnson. Yeah, he could sing and he could perform. He was moving across the stage and looked like a pro. I have never seen such audition before, but I could not help to think that he was showing off a bit. The act looked a bit too overdone. Nevertheless, he got a standing ovation from Simon Cowell, who said it was the best first audition that he had ever seen.

The song was The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends". If it sounds familiar, it is because the same song was sung by Joe Cocker and used as the opening theme song of the American television series "The Wonder Years".

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