Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm excited already.....

So the English football season is starting again, with the annual curtain-riser being played yesterday. Last season's champions, Manchester United, lost to the FA Cup winner, Chelsea, in the penalty shoot-out. The game ended 2-2 after normal regulation period. Nani and Wayne Rooney scored in either end of the game. So, Manchester United lost the first silverware to Chelsea, but I was not that bothered. It was only the Charity Shield.

I am quite exicted with the Manchester United squad. It looked like the departures of Ronaldo and Tevez were not missed by the other players. New singings in the forms of Valencia and Owen looked set to storm through the first eleven quite easily. The players from yesteryears all seemed to be quite keen to keep their places in the team. Last night, some of them seemed to try to show the Boss that they were up for any challenges coming at them. Nani seemed to show that he might be the replacement for Ronaldo. His goal, which came on the tenth minute, was spectacular, something that Ronaldo would score himself. The backline looked to be solid; Rio Ferdinand commanded the line very well and Evra and Evans reinforced the line solidly. Up front, Owen looked to be back in the form that made him household name many years ago. Rooney looked sharp as ever. The midfield held on tightly and Carrick was in good form. However, Ben Foster looked nervous and fumbled quite a lot. If he was eyeing the top goalkeeping spot, he would need to do much better than last night.

Come on already; Manchester United's opening game in the new season will be a home game against newly-promoted Birmingham City on Sunday.

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