Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Memory Lanes

This trip to UK has been a trip down the memory lane, both for me and Jester.

It was wonderful to get re-acquinted with the familiar names in retail therapy that I came to know and love during my studies here almost ten years ago. Some of the retailers have gone bigger, some have gone smaller, and some have gone bust. It was nice to be able to shop at Topman, H&M, JJB Sports, WH Smith, Marks & Spencer, Asda and Gap, to name a few. I also miss shopping at Woolsworth which gone bankrupt last year. It was also good to have all those foods which were our staples many years ago. Spicy chicken wings, bbq ribs and kebabs brought back memories of yesteryears.

It was also a trip down the memory lane for Jester. On the first day in Manchester, he showed me around the campus, his apartment, his gym, his Asda and his computer cluster (which I would probably call Computer Room!). We also went to Leeds, where he graduated from eleven years ago. I have never seen him getting excited, animated and emotional all at once. He showed me the city centre, including Morrisons which he frequented, the campus of Leeds University, his old houses and this park where he had an unfortunate incident. I swear I could see him trying to dry those tears!

This trip to UK has been a relaxing and memory-evoking trip for us. The length of the trip is just right. The timing was right too; it was in the height of summer, though it rained a lot!

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