Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let him rest in peace....

I don't think anyone could go much lower than OK! magazine. This British magazine seems to have lost it when they put a photo, which was said to be the last ever picture of Michael Jackson as medics tried to revive him, on the cover of its latest issue.

It is a sickening picture, a picture which is meant to bring in the punters and benefit out of the tragic event that unfolded last week. I don't think anyone would want to see this picture. Somehow, OK! magazine lost all senses and published it for all to see. Could you imagine how the family, especially his children, would feel seeing this picture being paraded in public? OK! magazine even had the cheek to label this issue as the official tribute issue. It is an obvious money-grabbbing exercise and I don't think anyone should buy this magazine, ever. I am so disgusted with this magazine.

I am not going to show the picture on this blog. If you still want to see it, click here.

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