Monday, July 13, 2009

13th NBT Treasure Hunt

After winning the inter-function badminton tournament at work on Friday, the week was capped with a top 10 finish in the 13th NBT Treasure Hunt.

I felt this year's Treasure Hunt was better than last year. I was a bit miffed a bit though as the first part of the Hunt involved us driving to 13 locations just to get our log bool stamped, with
some extra bit of activities at three locations. In Gadong, there was a 5-question 'signboard' hunting and both at Bukit Shahbandar and Pantai Muara, there were 2 challenges to be completed. On top of this, we were to break the clues and bring three treasures back to the mid-point control. And yeah, there was also a Rebus-type of challenges.

In the second part, we went to Kiulap to do a 15-question 'signboard' hunt. This probably came from experience, but I had to admit they were a bit too easy. We were out of Kiulap in less than half an hour.

I was not expecting a good position, as we messed up our challenges. We lost at least 5 precious points from these failed challenges. We were banking on our hunt answers to get into a good position.

Last year, we came in the 8th position; for the two years before that, we got third place back-to-back. I was hoping that we would at least better last year's position. And we did just that. We won the seventh place! And we won two return economy tickets to Singapore, though there were four of us in the team.

See this, 7th place for team no. 79...... so 779! That's my car number!

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