Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Plan

So there are three choices of things to watch tonight:

1. The DPMM FC vs Young Lions game at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium. It's the first DPMM FC game after their first loss this season and it would interesting to see how they react to that loss.

2. The final of Akademi Fantasia.

3. The Manchester United vs Arsenal game. If Manchester United picks up at least one point in this game, the Premier League title is theirs. And since this is the last game of the season to be played at Old Trafford and if they win the title, the Premier League trophy will be presented to them today. And getting it in front of the loyal Red Devils and in your home stadium is the best thing to end this exciting and often heart-stopping season.

My pick is that simple: Of course I will be watching the Manchester United-Arsenal game! And I want to see the Premier League lifted aloft in Old Trafford for the eleventh time.

Perhaps a midnight movie to catch? And no, I don't follow Akademi Fantasia! 

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