Friday, May 15, 2009

Crazy Week

I am really glad to see the start of the weekend. It had been such a hectic week at work. Something that I would consider quite important was dumped onto me (and a colleague who was looking after a project for us) and it meant that I needed to put a lot of effort and time into it, which also meant that I had to drop some of the 'less' important tasks this week. It also took a toll on me physically and mentally. Physically as we had to do an impromptu walk in the 'mini' jungle near BLNG in the middle of a hot and humid morning, and mentally as we had to prepare some paperwork which would determine if the project would proceed as planned or if it had to be delayed.

It also tested my patience. I guess I need to apologise to Prez as there were some times when I must have lost my patience a bit and argued some points a bit too aggresively. Let just say I was quite passionate about this project and I just did not want us to make the worng decision.

I am glad that we managed to finish off the draft paperwork just before we left the ofiice this afternoon. Now I could really enjoy the weekend.....

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CL said...

Happy weekEND! Savor the moment!