Saturday, May 30, 2009

Britain's Singing....

So far, I know four acts which have qualified themselves for the final of Britain's Got Talents. Two of them are dance groups and the other two are singing acts. I can't say much about the dance acts; I'm not a big fan of dancing. 

Susan Boyle was first to qualify after a soulful and stunning rendition of Memory for the musical Cats. It was even much better than 'I Dream a Dream' from Le Miserables, which she sang during the audition round.

Click here for Susan's rendition of 'Memory' and here for 'I Dream a Dream'. Did you notice the audition video has attracted more than 63 million viewings on Youtube? And that does not include the viewings from other sites and it was reported that hundreds of million of viewings took place, which is apparently an internet record.

Shaun Smith qualified from the second semi-final show, after being saved by the judges. He sang 'With or Without You'' by U2. I thought his audition was much better than this. 

Click here for Shaun's version of 'With or Without You' and here for 'Ain't No Sunshine'.

Jamie Pugh, who impressed the judges during his audition with the story of his stage fright, could not help himself to go to the finals. He was even told by Simon Cowell that he should realise that show business might not be for him.

I really hope a singing act wins the talent show. I would think there could only be so far that a dancing acts could go to. 

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