Saturday, May 2, 2009

SMARTER Charity Walk

Over this weekend, the President of SMARTER Brunei is leading a group of volunteers on a 67-mile (or 107km) walk from Kuala Belait to Bandar Seri Begawan. This walk was organised to raise fund for SMARTER Brunei to purchase a new building to run its activities at. Why 67-mile walk? 67 years is the average life expectancy of an autistic individual. 

The group set off from the SMARTER ASD Centre in Kuala Belait this morning and is now making their way through the searing heat for this noble cause. There are eight stops along the way, at which the group will rest before continuing on. The group will stay for an overnight stop at the Tutong Hospital. The group is expected to arrive at their destination at Giant Hypermart in Rimba on Sunday at around 4.00pm.

You would have to applaud their sheer determination of these people to raise money for the association. I believe that the President's son is autistic and it could not be more touching to hear the effort and the love that one father has in order to provide all the necessary lessons in life that could help his autistic son to live like an ordinary child. 

Perhaps it is too late now to register to join in the walk, but I would not think they would mind if you tag along. If it proves too physical, perhaps you could donate to SMARTER Brunei. Donation can be made at each of the eight stops along the walk. If donation is not possible, perhaps we could support and encourage them if you happen to be at the place where they are going through. Applaud them. Honk your car horns. And let them know that you care too.

More info from Read about autism here.

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