Saturday, May 9, 2009

Corporate badminton event

Last night, the corporate's badminton team hosted a friendly match against the team from Royal Brunei Airlines. It was our 'home' game; the 'away' game was played early last month. The managing directors from both BLNG and RBA led their own respective teams. 

I was made captain of team B. I was quite pleased my pairings, though one player rebelled against my arrangements and changed it without even consulting me. I was not pleased with that. There were reasons why one player was paired with another. 

At the end of the evening, we won more games than RBA did. Now, it's time to organise with other teams, so if your company or department would like to play friendly match against us, please let me know. 


1 comment:

U n t i t l e d said...

UuUUUuuu, I wanna know who... Update me soon dude... Hehehe! There will always be someone who'll spoil all the fun. U should have give that person the "hellooo-who's-the-captain-here" look. I so hate that. Totally not a good team player. I still wanna know who! Hahaha!