Sunday, July 13, 2008


The badminton that some colleagues and I were organising came to an end last Thursday.

At the start of the final day of the tournament, RM was at the top of the league but had played all their matches. The nearest team, EC, was 19 points behind, with Combo a further 2 points behind. The team I was playing in, TM, was at the bottom of the league and would be facing the Combo team. Combo team had to win all 7 games in order to have a shot at winning the league. In the other match, EC and OM were taking turns to win the first four games of their match, so EC missed the chance to win the league. It was then upto Combo to decide the final league standing. Without trying to put the pressure on any of our players, we all decided that we would play normally and would not give any team any favour to win the league. The first four games ended with victories for the Combo team, so everyone was sure that the Combo team might win the league. Then the fifth game started; looking at the combination of the two opposing teams, many thought that Combo would win this game too. The game suddenly became the game to watch in the tournament. The first set was surprisingly won by the TM team. All eyes in the LLRC then turned to the game as people started to think that an upset might be on the cards. As it turned out, the second set was as intense and as exciting as the first one. One of the TM players had one of his best games and this surprised everyone. He managed to produce mesmerising shots and return all the difficult shots that the opponents gave him. In the end, the TM players won their game and stopped Combo from winning the league. I felt sorry for Prez who ended up losing in the game. The remaining two games did not matter by that point as the Challenge Trophy headed towards Seria to be kept by the RM team.

The closing ceremony and prize presentation followed after all the matches were completed. RM won the Premier league, followed by Combo, EC, OM and finally rooted at the bottom was TM. The tournament was a success, though it was tiring and exhausting. Despite the new format introduced this year, very little problems were encountered. Everyone involved in the organisation of the tournament gave his/her full commitment and it was rightly appreciated by the Sponsor of the tournament.

Now, it is time for me to take a short break from badminton......

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