Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friends from our past....

I read it something interesting somewhere; it was found that we somehow keep our friends from our primary and secondary schools and not with our university friends.

There seems to be some truth in it.

I tried to go through my memory bank trying to remember what happened to my university friends. I went to two universities (don't ask why!) and I should have lots of friends, right? But, no. I have lost contacts with all of them. There was a time when I first returned home when we would email each other, but somehow work consumed most of our times, so we stopped emailing each other. And ever since then, I did not hear from them. There were also some lecturers whom I kept in touch with throughtheir university email addresses, but I stopped receiving emails from them, so I guess they had left the university.

I still do keep in touch with some of my friends from secondary school. Some of them became friends that would stand by each other, giving physical and emotional supports whenever required.

With the availability of social network sites, such as Facebook and Multiply, it was thought that keeping in touch with lost friends. I am now reconnected with the lost friends from secondary school and perhaps it is time to find those from my university years.

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