Saturday, June 20, 2009

Congrats, Brunei DPMM FC!

Many congratulations to Brunei DPMM FC players, coaching staff and support staff on winning the Singapore League Cup. Brunei DPMM FC became the first foreign team to win the Cup. More unbelievable was the fact that Brunei DPMM FC was playing in its frist season in the Singapore League.

We were having some appreciation do at LLRC last night for contractors who were involved in the maintenance activities recently. I was with some of football-crazy colleagues staying put watching the football match. Our MD, who happened to be the Deputy President of Football Federation of Brunei Darussalam (FFBD), was also there. Together, we were all shouting and cheering at every shot on goal, every miss and every save. It was really nice to see him letting his hair down and showing all sorts of emotion. When the penalty kicks were being taken, suddenly the room became more packed and most of us could not bear to sit down. When the winning penalty was scored, you coudl imagine the euphoria and the scene in the room as everyone cheered on and congratulated each other. The grand luck draw during the appreciation do had to be postponed to let us watch the match till the end.

It was good to see a team from Brunei winning a trophy in a foreign soil. Perhaps this will signal the resurrection of the glory days of Brunei football. Afterall, we won the Malaysian Cup 10 years ago. And I hope that the relevant people in both FFBD and BAFA would sit together and sort out the mess that we saw at the beginning of the year when BAFA became deregistered, FFBD was quickly formed, AFC decided to stick to BAFA instead of FFBD and Brunei DPMM FC was almost thrown out of the Singapore League.

Again, many congratulations. Apparently the team will arrive at the Brunei International Airport in the early afternoon today. Come and welcome the team home.

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