Saturday, October 17, 2009

Was that appropriate?

I was listening to Kristal FM this morning when one listener sms'ed and said that one of his relatives had died in the recent earthqake at Padang, Indonesia. He also requested a song, which I could not remember what, and apparently the deejay could not find it in her song collection. So she played an alternative song, entitled..... Buried Alive. Was that appropriate? Wasn't that a bit too insensitive of the deejay to play that song?

The deejay also asked the listeners to sms her on their odd habits to beat germs. She confessed to using her foot to flush the toilet. Yes, it might be alright for you, but please spare some thoughts to people who actually use their hands to flush. There are other ways to avoid touching the flush lever; I would use a piece of tissue paper to press the flush lever. But just don't use your germ-infested shoes!

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