Sunday, October 18, 2009

Slower-than-snail Mail

There's one government department that I would love to see it privatised. It would be the Postal Services Department.

Since the start of Raya, which was almost a month ago, I realised that we had not been getting any snail mail at all. I am expecting a letter for the past two weeks but I have seen no signs of it. A quick quick round the house confirmed that no mails were received for the past few weeks. So I called the Post Office and was passed to, I presumed, a postman. After telling him the reasons for the call, he explained to me that he had only just returned to work after his holiday and was sorting the mail when I called.

Was there only one postman at the KB Post Office branch? So if he goes on holiday, does it mean the whole of KB would not get their mails? Should not there be more postmen around? This is not the only problem that we have with the Postal Services. There were times when our office became a local sorting office; we would get mails for our neighbours. One time, our mail was left in the rain and they got soaked wet. And the problem with late delivery of mails is not a new problem. Imagine if one was expecting a letter for a job interview or a letter for a job offer. Could we held the Postal Services liable for such delays?

I really hope that for a such of customer-oriented service, the Government would consider privatising the Postal Services.

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