Wednesday, October 7, 2009

About the current badminton tourney....

The past few evenings have been such busy evenings for me. At the moment, there is a Brunei Shell Inter Asset Units / Service Units / Contractors Badminton Tournament taking place at the Brunei Shell Recreation Club. I am playing in BLNG Team Bubuk (basically Team B la...!).

We are grouped together with East Shuttlers, Petrokon Utama and DM/PM Team B. In the first match, we were beaten soundly by the East Shuttlers by a 6-1 scoreline. I was quite deflated with the result. However, the result against Petrokon Utama tonight lifted everyone's spirit. We trashed them 7-0. Granted that Petrokon Utama is the punching bag for our group, but the scoreline was enough to bring our confidence back for our final match tomorrow against DM/PM Team B. As it stands at the moment, East Shuttlers are the sure winners; while we and DM/PM Team B have to battle it out for the second spot. The runners-up from each group will also qualify for the quarter finals.

BLNG Team A was grouped together with OS Aeroblades, Damit Worley Parsons and DM/PM Team A. BLNG Team A have played all their matches; two wins and one loss. If OS Aeroblades win their last match, they would top their group. If they lose, BLNG Team A could sneak in and top their group. Interestingly, if we win the second spot of our group and BLNG Team A win their group, both BLNG teams would meet each other in the quarter finals!

I think our match tomorrow against DM/PM Team B will be a tough one to call. We both have equal chance to proceed to the next round. It would take a right-on-the-spot strategy to get winning combinations tomorrow. I am sure some people who get dropped tomorrow will not be too happy. But we play to win, so they would have to accept their fate tomorrow.

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