Sunday, September 6, 2009

Air Asia flight... reviewed....

After setting off from home almost eight hours earlier, I finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur. Why it took so long you wonder? The first leg of the trip was perhaps the slowest bit. The company-provided transport had to follow the road rules and regulations and could not go any much faster. We actually broke our fast somewhere along the Tutong-Telisai highway. It took a painful100 minutes to get to the airport.

It was the first Air Asia flight from Brunei that I took. Despite being fifteen minuteslate, I was not too bothered. The seats had been randomly assigned during check-in, so there was no need to push and shove your fello travellers for the best seats. Just a word of advice: if you're travelling in groups, make sure you check in together or else you will sit separately. The flightwas quite packed, a sign that the recession is perhaps on the way out and people are trying to put some normality back into their lives. The plane was relatively new, the seats were leather seats and whatever you were provided with actually worked. I had ordered food when I booked the flight so the food was given to me as the trolley went by. The only thing that I was disappointed was that the food that was given to me was a slight variation from the one I wanted. Apparently for Ramadhan, the nasi lemak had sambal sotong instead of the fried chicken. I tried to get it changed but none was available apparently. I was dismayed later when I overheard the stewardess offered my neighbour the nasi lemak with fried chicken. I would not have made much fuss about it, but I hardly had anything to eat since I broke fast in the car!

We arrived at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport just twenty minutes later than scheduled. I had not realised how big Air Asia has become as an airline carrier. There were more airplanes than the last time I flew with them. The terminal had gone much bigger and obviously busier. We still had to walk on the tarmac all the way from the plane to the terminal. I found it funny that our group was stopped along the way to give way to another group of passengers who were boarding another flight. And also, we were diverted to the upper floor of the terminal just for immigration checks and went down to the lower floor again to reclaim our luggage.

Perhaps, it was not going to be my last ever Air Asia flight. If it continues to offer fares competitively, I would fly on it again in the future.

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