Monday, January 5, 2009

Un-grand Central

For the second part of our New Year holiday in Singapore, we decided to move away from Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill to somewhere closer to the Orchard Road area. Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill was nice; it was opened six months ago, but the nearest MRT station (Chinatown or Outram Park) was a good 10 minutes away. And it being on top of Pearl's Hill would mean that, if you decide to walk back to the hotel, you would have to walk up the hill, which could be tiring after spending many hours on your feet chasing that special offer somewhere.

So we moved to Grand Central Hotel, as it was cheap and its location at the end of Orchard Road was perfect for us. However, we knew why it was cheap. The hotel looked really run down and did not bear any sign that it was ever renovated since it was opened. The fixtures were falling off and looked old fashioned. The mattress seemed to be well worn and the linen looked as if they have gone through 1000+ washes. There was no safe deposit box and the air-con seemed to fail in the evening. Apparent--ly, the hotel was frequented by people from the region who seeked medical treatment in Singapore. It was perhaps true as one of the first things that hit you as you exited the lift was the smell of chinese herbs being brew. There were times when you could smell spices in the corridor.

It was probably the first and last time that I would stay at Grand Central Hotel. You are perhaps better off staying at one of the Hotel 81 chain hotels or paying more at a much better hotel.

Don't say you were never warned!

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Hmmm I must be blind...